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Griffin Services Plus Inc 
Ottawa, ON

Twitter: JimGSPI
Phone: (224) 653-0526

I have worked to find kindered spirits around me. I have been trying to learn while meeting the other professionals in the Ottawa area. This means attending user and professional groups. I am now participating with OVSAGE, OWSUG, the local Citrix user group, DRIE, HTCIA-Ottawa, and ISACA.

I have met a number of professionals who, like me, believe in helping users take control of their data while balancing access with privacy and security.



Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jim Romeo. I am a BCP Specialst and IT Consultant. This has a broad range of meanings to different people. Here, I will help you understand how I can help your business.

I have over 15 years of experience with IT, Business Continuity, Project Management, as a Team Lead, and performing Business Analysis.

I have worked in environments big and small. This has ranged from medical, to banking, to manufacturing. I speak in everyday language rather than techno babble.

Most of my customer contacts have been non-technical management with technical staffs. I can help the technical staff 'explain', in non-technical terms, why a solution will benefit the business. CEO's, Presidents, and CIO's like to hear about ROI, TCO, etc...

For the small business trying to survive, I will help you understand how to take ownership and utilize your data.

Too many scraps of paper, no business flow, or just 'shooting from the hip' does not allow for long term success.

I have the ability and experience in showing companies how to streamline without cutting corners. You will be more organized and efficient with less work.

Going through the learning curve is a difficult for all of us humans. Together, we will minimize your pain point and the time it takes.

We are located in the Ottawa region. Just South of Ottawa, I am able to easily meet you in your office from Ottawa, Orleans, Kanata, Prescott, Cornwall, Brockville, Kingston and beyond.

Come see what I have to offer

I am experienced with:
IT Architecture Virtualization
Business Continuity Training
Networking Business Process
Documentation authoring Disaster Recovery planning
Project Management Business Analysis

Technologies include:
Cloud Environments Citrix Environments
Windows Server including 2008 SharePoint 2010
Microsoft Active Directory VMware
Hyper-V Windows 7
HTML Programming Novell NetWare

A full resume is available upon request.
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I believe support is as important as any other part of the process. I want you to call to say 'hi', not 'we have a problem.'  But, if you do call, I will do everything needed to help you become productive again.  Afterwards, we will plan how to avoid issues in the future.

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Development of your process is key to success. Let's be blunt: Success is why we do things. I will work with you to show value in whatever solution is developed. Also, this means I have to develop myself. I am continually looking at the technology and business practices that are current. Then, I work to keep myself working so that my solutions to you are current.

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The Strategy that is used will help you see value, show results, allow for further growth. We never plan to not grow. My experience will help you strategize for growth.


A little more about how I operate:

I am not some slick salesman that wants to show, promise and sell the world. I am down to earth, personable, and most importantly: Realistic.

My promise to you: Match your solution to your needs and growth path. This means that I will not dictate a solution, but help you define the right solution. It's a win-win. Everybody benefits from working together to streamline your business.

As I try to keep my website clean and uncluttered, you may want some clarification or for me to expand on what I have done and how my experience can help you.

Let me know what you think and if you want to know more, just ask.

In the meantime, feel free to email me.



July, 2012
Now, for my technical side, I just got back from BriForum in Chicago. 3 days of intense virtualization discussion around VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix, VDI, and a bunch of supporting components. A must for techs to get different views of the virtualization world.

June, 2012
Attended the World Conference on Disaster Management conference. There was a lot of great information and open discussion. If you are at all involved in BCP, it is worth looking into.

August, 2011
A very informative and enjoyable week in Toronto getting educated on how the book says a BCP Specialist should approach BCP. Pretty close to what I was taught informally over the past 20 years. I then took the Business Continuity Planning test. I now have my ABCP. I just have to do the diligence to prove my experience to get a full CBCP. Going back and documenting all my experience and references is not an easy task.

July, 2011
I keep saying I am an ITPro that understands business. This challenge, be a business person that understands technology. My main focus is to help non technical people understand how to leverage their technology.

May, 2011
Now looking at what comes next. Keep getting reminded to keep things simple. What would you like to know?

Jan, 2011
The next challenge is up and ready to be conquered. This contract includes working with SharePoint. A new (to me) product. Share a lot of files? Problems getting your office mates to use drive mappings effectively? Want to collaborate efficiently? Let's look at SharePoint in your environment.

Dec 31, 2010
The end of a succesful six month rollout of Citrix. Ready to move onto the next challenge.

Nov 09-10 2010
Technical forums are always fun. Two overloading days at Tech Days sponsored by Microsoft. A ton of new information and learned directions.

Jun 09 2010
I like to make sure I keep up on changes and environments so that I can be more efficient.
As part of my keeping up on technologies, attended:
SEO Strategies Expo (Toronto)
VMWorld 2010 (Toronto)

Mar 06 2010
Two new websites have been published.
Check out:

Jan 06 2010
A new look and feel website has it's initial publication

Aug 25 2009
Griffin Services Plus is incorporated.